Cygwin X-Launcher

Cygwin X-Launcher 1.22

The Cygwin X-Launcher allows you to launch Cygwin with predefined options
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The X-Launcher is a utility created to tweak and configure the initial settings for an X-Server of the Cygwin project. Cygwin has been for some years an excellent emulator of the Linux platform for Windows. It is commonly used in developing of applications that can work in either Operative System. It is basically Linux on your Windows. However the application is purely handled through text commands, and also has some limitations. These situations are resolved with the X-Launcher. The X-Launcher allows you to configure settings for Cygwin, like root folders, variables, and all of the pre-launch commands that the program has. It also allows you to configure an X-server (X-Win). These include the keyboard layout (which is helpful because you cannot change it in Cygwin), windows mode and extensions. Also configuration to connect to a terminal or shell. All of these are easily configured via a graphic interface and saved in a pre-set file that you can load. The program is very useful and it is highly recommendable for people using Cygwin.

Ismael Mireles
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